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Monthly Archive for April, 2012

U.S. v. Stevens Revisited

David Cassuto From the Shameless Self Promotion Desk …  The most recent issue of the Journal of Animal Ethics has a piece by me offering some thoughts about U.S. v. Stevens (the crush video/animal fighting, 1st Amendment Case).  It’s titled: “United States v. Stevens: Win, Loss or Draw for Animals?”  You can download it here.  The abstract follows below […]

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David Cassuto This Thursday, April 26th, 2012 at 4 pm in the Moot Court Room at Pace Law School in White Plains, Steve Wise will speak on : “The Nonhuman Rights Project’s Struggle for Nonhuman Personhood.” Reception to follow. If you haven’t heard Steve speak, you should.  If you have heard him, you know you should again. A […]

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